Crush Crush 2016

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    Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 10

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Crush Crush combines components of an idle clicker with a dating sim. While that may seem like a strange mix of genres, the formula generally works well, and the high quality of the anime style artwork means that there will be plenty of material for fans of erotic anime. But keep in mind that this is an explicitly sexual game, and it trades deep systems and compelling stories for the sake of eroticism. But for a browser based game, and especially one that's available directly through your browser, the levels of production are incredibly impressive.

There are 14 girls to date over the course of the game. It's easy in games like these for the harems you're entertaining to be lacking in style, but Crush Crush avoids this problem entirely. While the personalities of these women may not be especially deep, they each have a distinct look and style, and the developer has been conscientious about making sure that each of them has their own interests and quirks, likes and dislikes. Regardless of which girl you're looking to romance, the formula is largely the same. Crush Crush refers to you crushing on your love interests, but it also refers to your method of meeting. Your relationship with every woman is initiated by crashing into them in some sort of cataclysmic way, and it's your job to pay them back for the damages you've caused. This plays out in a time management format. The stats pages for each woman gives you hints about what they might like, but there's always a level of experimentation at play. Talking to the woman, touching them, and giving them gifts can improve your relationship with them, and players are rewarded with anime inspired cut scenes. There's a significant amount of content here. Each of your partners gets a number of animated scenes. These include two or three introductory videos as well as those dedicated to your first kiss and two still pictures for when things become more intimate. Succeeding with your partners means finding a balance between your relationship to them and the other aspects of your real life. You can engage in hobbies and jobs as well. The former are often a prerequisite for progress, while the latter allows you to earn money you can spend on gifts. It can be a time consuming process with the costs of investment becoming higher the further you get into a relationship. While only a few girls are open at the start, progressing with them will gradually unlock more partners to engage with. This is an impressively large game, but it requires an amount of patience. Unlocking everything it has to offer could take an extensive amount of time.


  • Fourteen different romantic partners to choose from
  • Innovative combination of time management game and traditional dating sim
  • Animation is impressive for a free indie game


  • Actually gameplay is somewhat rudimentary
  • Erotic content makes it only suitable for adults

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